Monday, August 18

First Family Weekend Recap

We have just completed our first weekend as the "new Lyons family". At the end of it we would categorize it as a success. We are all learning the new groove that is a family with a 4 1/2 year old and a 14 mo. old. Max is doing unbelievably well. There seem to be no issues thus far understanding that we are his family. What an answer to prayer. From the day we received his referral, I prayed that his little heart would know that we were meant for him. Thus far it is true. When it comes to daddy, Max thinks he is a great playmate and Jon can certainly get the best laughs. When it comes to mommy, he is having no trouble calling for me when distressed or in need and he doesn't hesitate to snuggle into me when I hold him. (ohhh, i love that). Jack is doing alright with the adjustment. He loves Max and is excited that he is here. There doesn't seem to have animosity towards him, but the reality of parents having to share their time and focus causes frustration and tears occasionally. Please pray for Jon and I as we do our best to gently and patiently help Jack learn a new family rhythm.

Our weekend was a great time for family and friends. We had a handful of close friends come and visit. For us it was so exciting to share with our faithful, prayerful friends the little one that consumed our thoughts and prayers over this last year. On Saturday we enjoyed dinner, swimming and a bonfire at my parents house. Our friends the Woods came to share in the fun. Sunday we attended church. We were greeted at the doors with an onslaught of friends wearing bright name tags that said "Welcome home Max!". What a great sense of closure to finally have Max as part of our sunday morning tradition. After naps, Jack, Max and I ventured to the church picnic at the lake. (Jon, poor guy had to get ready for the work week after a whirlwind of international travel and a new kid). The picnic was great. Jack has such a blast swimming, jumping from the dock and playing with his friends. Max certainly enjoyed watching all the big kids splash and play.

So there it is. The new Lyons family weekend recap. We now embark on the daily grind of family one. With that said, this mommy warns...the misadventures and joys of learning to deal with two will be an adjustment for me...stay tuned to the blog for all the foibles and folly of our new normal. Hopefully it will be entertaining for us all.