Tuesday, January 20

Obama and the nose hole

This morning in an attempt to instil culture and history in the boys we gathered around the ol' tv to watch the inaguration. Now from day one Jack has been an Obama fan. Mostly I think because of the name...and Jack is convinced that he is a giant (due to his tall stature). Moments before the president elect was presented in front of that unbelievalbly monstrous crowd, Jack in his excitement gathered up some stuffed animals to share in the history as well. He chatted excitedly with them. I enjoyed my coffee and held my breath...awaiting history. Now I love all the traditon of the inauguration. I had been so looking forward to this morning. The pomp, the circumstance, hours of endless Brokaw - what could be better. And now the moment had come, me taking in all the tv sights, gathered with my boys (and their animals). As Jack sat beside me with his eyes locked on the television, he quietly pointed out to me that one of his stuffed animals was so excited to see Barack Obama come on the stage that he had curled himself up into a tiny ball. Jack held him tightly with both hands. Suppossedly the stuffed animal wanted to explode and fly up in the air the minute Obama walked through the doors. I snicked to myself and then put my attention back on the event at hand. A minute later in a sweet, quiet, matter of fact voice, with eyes still locked Jack said "Hey mom, my hands are so full holding him tight, could you put your finger up my nose hole? I have a booger." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! In this historic moment, my child is matter of factly asking me to pick his freakin' nose because his hands are to busy holding a stupid stuffed animal into a furry ball. I wanted to scream "I THINK NOT SON". But rather, I quietly told him: " Why don't I hold the stuffed anmial...you can go to the bathroom and pick your OWN nose". Ahhh....the momentous and mundane all in one day. This is the life.