Monday, January 26

Anticipating a Freakshow

Tomorrow we are scheduled to take Jack to his first optometrist appointment. Over the past week he has awoken every morning asking " it today?". A sense of disappointment fills his little being when I inform him that he will have to wait. His enthusiasm and anticipation had me relieved. You see, Jack tends to be a little anxious with new situations. I expected it to be the same with this. But alas he is excited. He has even gone as far as to draw a picture of himself with glasses on.(Surprisingly it glasses also bring on facial hair and an afro) Last night he even prayed that he would get glasses. All of this excitement though will fade and tomorrow I expect a freak show and here is why: Today I was reading through the "before you come" materials and it mentioned that if this is your first visit they will dialate the child's eye. This will pose a problem. Jack has an irrational/yet very real to him fear of eye drops. When we had slime eye back in September and had to do drops daily, it always resulted in tears, much sobbing, and occasionally shaking uncontrollably. Why I did not think of this earlier I have now I idea. Ugghh. So now I sit. Conflicted. Do I inform and prepare him for the happenings at the office tomorrow or do I play dumb and act surprised and shocked when the time comes. We can only wait and see. Even as I type, I shake a little and can feel little beads of nervous sweat on my head. This kiddo and his anxiety..where does it come from?