Friday, May 8

Big Day for Jack & Mom

Today was chalked full of big happenings.
This morning Jack and Mom attended Kindergarten round up. It was great introduction to what will be our new school come this fall. We met the teachers, got to ride the bus around the parking lot and visit the classrooms. Then the kids stayed to get acquainted with the teacher and the rooms while the parents returned to the library to meet and hear from several of the school staff members. By all accounts it sounds like we are at a great school. When Jack returned and we walked to the car I asked him what he thought about the "big" school. He simply replied "it is going to be so much better than preschool". Excellent. That is the answer we wanted.

Here Max has no idea that the day is not about him today

Loving the bus ride

Getting ready for circle time in the classroom

Showing off his class room project

After round up we rushed to Jack's preschool for Mothers Day Tea. Jack hosted a lovely little lunch with his classmates. We dined, we were entertained with songs and then were presented with handmade gifts. I have scored myself a lovely necklace and a beautiful potted plant. It was such a special morning to hang with my kiddo Jack.

Mommy and her little man. (ugh- how do they grow up so quickly)

Jack serving me my fantastic lunch

Rocking the house with some mom themed tunes

Here is Jack and his fantastic teacher Ms.Lisa, she has been so great for Jack.