Tuesday, June 23

A Fabulous Father's Day

Now it seems to me that for a father the ideal father's day would go something like this: sleep in, awake to breakfast made, all family members leave the house, a whole day spent alone doing whatever you want, family comes back home for good "meat" dinner, given just the perfect/needed gift...and call it Fathers Day. While ideal for many that was not ours, but Jon assures me that our fathers day was great. Jack had been plotting all week that he wanted to take Jon breakfast in bed. He had the menu and delivery planned down to the last detail. On Sunday morning he approached my side of the bed at 5:30 and asked if it was time. I escorted him back to his room and he and I camped out till 6:30, then the festivities could begin. Jack delivered breakfast and his gift to Jon and Jon was a great sport. The two of them sat in bed and ate old fashioned doughnuts and chatted. When Max awoke I brought him to join the bed party. They then began reading some of the new books Max gave Jon. After the bed had been amply covered in doughnut crumbs it was off to getting ready and heading to church. After church we had lunch with the MCLYONS crew (mcnabb and lyons families joined) at my parents house. kabobs, tasty salads, man beverages and dessert. We took a break from father festivities to celebrate our niece Madison's third birthday. I got to make her a ridiculously girl cake, and she opened all manner of pink things. After dessert and more family, our family packed up and came home, with one thing on the mind of Jon and Jack : XBOX. Jack had given Jon the "Lego Indiana Jones" game for fathers day and they were both excited to play. So they played, we gave children a bath..and called it a day. At the end of it all we are one very lucky family to have Jon as our daddy. He loves his boys so much, he is such a great example to them of what a man of God is. It is my sincere prayer that our boys follow in their father's footsteps. Thanks Jon. We love you! (even if the post is a day or two late)