Thursday, June 18

Roadtrip Countdown

The boys and I have begun our countdown for the roadtrip we will embark on next week. We plan to once again drive with my mom down to California to visit her friend, but most importantly for the kids we will visit : the pool, the turtle, the dog and the pet chicken. Jack wakes every morning asking if this is california day, and his whole concept of summer is based on whether something happens before or after california. I will admit that I am a little more nervous about the trip this go 'round because,put very simply, we have Max. He is very much a physical kid, and I don't know how well he will do being "contained" for such a long time. So prayers are welcome on that subject. But more than being a little nervous, I am very excited. I check the weather today and it looks like we are in for some sunshine, which sound great to me. Here is to lazy days in and out of the pool...and early bedtimes for throughly warn out children. Bring it on!