Tuesday, March 16

Spring Training Recap

So photos are in and as a person who did not go on the trip I will do my best to group photos and add commentary based on the phonecalls that I recieved and the most mentioned instances by Jack. Here goes:

Wednesday: Fly to Phoenix
Jack was super excited and a little nervous about his first (that he can remember) flight. We gave him the play-by-play about what would take place at the airport and on the plane. For Jack info = courage. He did great. Had a good time sitting by Nan and Dad and enjoyed using the zune to watch a couple of his favorite shows. They landed and took a ride " in a bus" to the car rental place where Jack learned he would get to ride in a mini van..which he loved. Then it was off to the hotel and to dinner and then to bed. Good times!

Thursday: Grandma Shirley Day

Awoke and it was off to see Grandma Shirley and aunt Peggy and then head off to breakfast. They ate breakfast at The Good Egg, then back to Grandma Shriley's for the day. Jack had a great time in Shirley's back yard and playing fun games like "hide the gnome". They chowed pizza for dinner and then headed back to the hotel. Jack and Jon went swimming and then enjoyed dessert.

Friday: Game Day One

After breakfast and a walk around the hotel and neighboring shops it was offf to the ball park. They enjoyed watching players at the practice field and set out to get some signatures. They succeded and Jack now proudly displays them in his room. The games was good fun. They had great weather, great seats and who doesn't love a baseball brautwerst.

Saturday: Back to the Ball Park

Breakfast, walk a little swimming and then back to the ball park. A few more autographs, a corn dog and another great game in beautiful sunshine. After the game it was off to "fancy" dinner in celebration of Aunt Peggy's birthday.

Sunday: Swim, Play, Home
Sunday morning while daddy packed the bags, Pop took Jack swimming, which he loved. Then after they checked out of the hotel it was off to Grandma Shirley's for lunch and to spend time together before flying home. Around 4 it was off to the airport, where Jack waved by to the minivan and declared that he wants "to visit lots of places like pop..for a job" He confidently boarded that plane and stayed wide awake the whole way home. Then come 11pm I heard them in the driveway and welcomed home by boys. Yippee.

They had a great time. Good time for dad and son, good time with family, and good time in some sunshine with baseball. Jack can't wait to do it all again.