Tuesday, March 16

Spring Training SNEAK PEEK

The Lyons Men-folk are home. They walked in the door around 11pm Sunday night and I swear that Jack looked like he had aged at least 4 years. Oh how I missed my guys. They truly enjoyed their time with each other, family and baseball fans in the sunshine. Due to the fact that our camera is large an cumbersome (it appears we need to upgrade and downsize..)Jon left the camera at home and we are waiting for the pictures that Nan and Pop took to share the full play by play. But here is a sneak peek at the boys in action.

Jack got Dan Wilson's autograph. We have always been fans of the former Mariners catcher and while Jack had no clue who he was, the rest of the family was excited that we can add a Wilson signed ball to the spring training momento collection.
More fun shots and stories will follow. Stay tuned.