Tuesday, June 22

Deliquent Mom Episode One

Yes, I know I have been truly delinquent when it comes to blogging the everyday happenings of our family. The month of June has come and gone with amazing speed and I have found myself all kinds of busy. Please accept my apologies and take a minute (or 15) to catch up with what happened in our neck of the woods the first part of June.

Jack had long awaited Field Trip:
Yup, the big day came and Jack got to board the yellow bus with his special / field trip lunch packed in a personalized brown paper bag. He of course requested a lunchable...because, well he never gets them. Max and I followed the bus down to the zoo and when we met them at the front gate Jack had nothing but high praise for the bus riding experience.

Jack spent the day palling around with his best buddies from school: Roland, Cadence, Grady and Elijah. Those boys ran from exhibit to exhibit and truly wore themselves (and this mom) out. It was great way to say farewell to an excellent Kindergarten year.

Jack truly had a fantastic year at school. It is so amazing to see how much he has grown as a person and as a student. Jon and I could not have been more pleased with his teacher. She truly is one of those women who has the special ability to manage students, keep an organized classroom and most importantly get students excited about attending school, growing as learners and having fun in the process. Jack's whole staff at his school is terrific as well. We prayed long and hard about his first year of school and God brought us to the best place for our Jack and for our family. It was a good year.

Lots of Love for the Game:
Jack spent most of June honing his skills in baseball. This year he has truly loved the game and it is great to see him understanding more of the game. While we thought we signed up for t-ball, this is actually a combination of tball and coach pitch. The majority of the time Jack is hitting balls without the tee and oh, he gets so excited. Also, the kids are all taking turns at different positions and Jack really like to be catcher ( because of the gear) or 2nd base.

On the Home Front:
While it is summer, each day we are taking some time to "do school". And surprisingly Jack and Max are both on board. Maybe it is the suckers that they get. But whatever works right. We just want to make sure that we keep that mind sharp and Max loves to be involved in whatever Jack is doing.
Well more will come tomorrow....but for now there you go. A little glimpse....Just living everyday life and loving it.